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IT Consulting

Our consulting offerings are based on an analytical approach to understand the business problems, resulting in practical recommendation and actionable plans. Saibber works with customers to ensure that they always align your IT initiatives with their business goals. Our IT consulting service offerings range from IT Strategy, Quality Management, Offshore Outsourcing and Collaborative Knowledge Management.

Professional Services

Our team of dedicated professional provides organizations with an expert application development services including .NET, Java, System Design, Business Analysis, Data migration, database management and project management. Our value proposition is based on a confluence of business knowledge, deep hands-on technology skills and a focused approach through the use of various frameworks and tools. When enterprise managers are in need of professional IT talent or they are looking for IT solutions, they partner with Saibber to fill gaping holes within their business units for the completion of important and time-sensitive IT projects.

We take pride that over the years, we have implemented industry best practices in our strong recruiting engine – enabling us to exceed performance metrics in the staffing industry. Apart from having full-time dedicated recruiters working at their time zones, we have built a large recruiting database through the CRM recruiting tool. This enables us with a virtual 24-hour processing turn around with a quick response time to our clients. Perfecting this model, we have been successful in reducing client-response times, without compromising on the quality of resources. This 24/7 model has again helped Saibber reduce overall operating costs, while creating an increased bandwidth and scalability of the current and future.

Our Team

Led by a Leadership team committed to build long term partnerships, our work reflects who we are and what we value. We are aggressive about supporting our clients with technology solutions, but we are also aggressive in sharing the foundation upon which we have built our company. These values guide our actions and our attitudes. In our relationships and business dealings, we keep these values in the forefront of our minds:

  • Teamwork and partnerships are the key to success.
  • Integrity & trust are earned through accountability.
  • Careers progress through planning and timely investments.
  • Continuous evolution is the backbone of all great enterprises.

We also collaborate with our clients to assess the value of our investments by measuring key performance indicators against a range of goals, identifying key performance indicators and tracking them against industry best practice. We learn the details of your project, long-term objectives and recommend the top professionals/ solutions for the job. Whether it is for the short-term or the long-term, Saibber has a proven record of connecting the top professionals to the world’s top companies. Your business’s technology is too important to trust to anyone but the best technology consultants available and that’s what Saibber delivers all the time. Saibber is certified by the PA Department of General Services as an MBE/WBE. Contact us by calling (215) 395-8080 for more information.

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