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Saibber is women owned small business based out of Harrisburg, PA . We successfully operate in the field of IT Recruitment and Executive Search for leading national and foreign companies.

We understand the importance of the expectations placed on us for the implementation of projects in the shortest possible time and accept the limitations within which you develop staffing decisions.

Supported by our professional and life experience, we focus on the best recruitment practices for Executive Search and IT Recruitment in US and Canada. We keep enhancing our procedures and evolve dynamically side by side with our clients.

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Staff Augmentation

Sourcing and deploying highly-skilled IT talent in mainstream and niche industries.

  • Designated Account Executives will partner with you to better understand your team’s talent gap and your organization’s unique culture and business.

  • Requirements scoping that meets your workforce needs, stays within your budget, and saves you productive time.

  • Ability to scale up in the event of attrition or a team ramp-up in a short period of time.

EFFICIENT Recruitment,
Training and HR Practices


Requisition Hiring Channels Evaluation Offer Induction
Skills Job Portals Written Test Fitment Overview of Saibber
Profile Head Hunting Technical interviews Benefit Package HR Process
Role Internal Database HR Interview Offer
Responsibilities Employee Reference Reference checks
Recruitment Agency


Performance Related Training

  • Emphasis on performance at client location
  • Focus on attendance
  • Team bonding and team spirit

Job related Training

  • Safety and Security Training
  • Sexual Harassment related training

Client Specific Orientation

  • To prepare the candidate for instant productivity
  • Candidate is always made aware of chain of commands and protocols to be followed
  • Client related compliance documents
  • Code of conduct policy

Higher Education

  • Certification Programs
  • As part of benefits to employee – depending on their interest and needs of the client

HR Practice

Attracting the best talent

from esteemed engineering colleges

Nurturing and growing talent

by providing exciting growth opportunities through unique, holistic training programs

Focusing on employee retention

through employee-friendly policies and a flexible work environment


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