In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need to adapt to new approaches and best practices for manpower management and staffing. With more and more companies adopting IT-as-a-service model, finding and retaining a talented workforce is becoming a bigger challenge for all the enterprises. Leveraging our industry expertise and access to the rich talent pool, we deliver a full suite of recruitment and staffing solutions across multiple disciplines to meet all your traditional and non- traditional manpower requirements.

Our Staffing Experts are skilled at deploying the most meticulous methods of short- listing candidates, segregating, evaluating and selecting apt resources with desired skills, orientation and experience. We thoroughly analyze clients’ employment requirements, contemplate departmental framework and relate it with the job description. This helps us in selecting the most suited resource with the right skill-set that precisely fits the job requirements.

We leverage our global exposure and expertise of staffing services to not just match your manpower requirements but to ensure that you derive the best returns on your human resource investment.


  • Temporary Hiring
  • Temp To
  • Direct
  • On Site Staffing
  • Offshore Staffing

Temporary Hiring

Temporary Hiring is one of the most sought after services in our gamut of Human Resource Outsourcing. When you need staff for a temporary project, for short- or long- term assignments or to substitute for contingencies but you do not want to hire permanent employees, we provide competent professionals who can work dedicatedly for you for the agreed contractual period. What makes us best, is our ability to offer the most compatible and result-oriented professionals for your unique staffing needs.

Over the years, many IT organizations (including renowned corporate groups), have been subscribing to our contract hiring service as it saves a lot of indirect cost of maintaining employees and also relieves them from the hassles of managing endless compliances including salaries, insurance, benefits and appraisals etc. We not only handle remuneration, insurance, and compliances but we also ensure proper screening of candidates by arranging multiple rounds of interviews, aptitude tests, reference checks and verification of documents. Our Temporary Staffing services offer you the flexibility of renewing the term or shifting, adding, adjusting resources to match the changing scale & speed of your business operations.

Temp To Hire

In challenging economic environment, there are situations where you can envisage a long term requirement for specific manpower however you are not sure to hire a permanent employee, Our Temp-to-Hire service can help you to hire employees on a fixed-term contract period, with the possibility of later converting it into permanent employment.

While our hiring experts evaluate the best fitment of the candidates and provide you the right talent for the right position; this unique Temp-to-Hire service allows you to opt for transferring the employee to your own payroll after successful completion of the stipulated contractual term.

Direct Hire

When full time resources are required with a long term commitment, majority of clients avail our Direct Hire service that helps them in a strategic selection of the right person after the meticulous screening. Our in-house experts understand your requirements, and undertake customized talent search as per your specific needs. We not only strive to get you the most professionally qualified employees but we also try to shortlist candidates who are suitable for your organization’s culture and futuristic vision.

From screening to short-listing, interviews, background checks, managing negotiations, rolling out job offers to final on-boarding, we do all time-intensive activities related to the hiring process and place the best candidates directly on your payroll.

On Site Staffing

Our on-site staffing managers work closely with your employees to design, develop, implement, and monitor customized staffing solutions that directly suffice your requirements. Saibber leverages centralized services, high-class technology and a precise recruiting process for ensuring delivery within the pre-agreed budgets and timelines. To select the most appropriate candidates with critical skill sets, we use diverse sourcing channels comprising network referral, talent database, job fairs, job boards, cold calls, and online media.

Our On-site Staffing services relieve you of routine, time consuming activities like managing attendance, performance appraisal, salaries & reimbursements , employee grievances etc. Saibber‘s On-site staffing service includes a complete range of activities from talent acquisition to performance management

Consulting Services

  • Screening & Short-listing

  • Assessment & Recruitment

  • Orientation & Training

  • Time Keeping & Attendance

  • Payroll & reimbursement

  • Issue Resolution

  • Productivity & Performance management

Offshore Staffing

In the present economic scenario, outsourcing is being widely adopted and accepted by business owners to focus more on their core processes and profitability. Saibber offers collaborative Offshore Staffing wherein you get a team of professionals that exclusively works as your own offshore unit. This dedicated team is skilled and equipped to work precisely in line with your project requirements, schedules and business hours.

If you are on a lookout for an Offshore Staffing agency that can help you fulfil your dynamic staffing requirements within the least possible time, you can surely rely on Saibber for its decade long expertise in staffing and talent pool of experienced professionals. Keeping up with the best practices like Virtual Private networks, encryption and security protocols, we have developed fool proof systems for providing Offshore Staff to our clients. You not only get direct control over your offshore staff; but you can also share work, instructions and your valuable business data with them just as an extended part of your in-house team, using fully secured web-based tools.

Beyond the advantage of professional efficiency, our Offshore Staffing will help you save a lot of cost, time, and tiring efforts that are required in hiring competent people, buying office space and setting up infrastructure. You get an easy access to the most talented manpower and can virtually extend your team with flexibility to align with ever-evolving requirements of your business.

Our Expertise

Be it managing a full-lifecycle employment program or undertaking specific sourcing or recruitment function, Saibber has an abundance of experience and expertise to enable its clients to make the most of their human capital.

  • Resource Planning & Analysis
  • Competence Assessment & Evaluation
  • Improving Operational Excellence
  • Enhancing Employee Experience
  • Ensuring Compliance & Quality control

Resource Planning &

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Manpower Mapping
  • Strategic Assessment and Cost Optimization

Competence Assessment & Evaluation

  • Elaborating Job Descriptions with roles, profiles and responsibilities
  • Candidature Assessment
  • Competency Modelling
  • Interview Tools & Technical Evaluation

Improving Operational Excellence

  • Open & transparent Employment Engagement Plans
  • Clear Timelines and Objectives
  • Established SLAs and KPIs
  • Management Reporting

Enhancing Employee Experience

  • Orientation, Induction and Training
  • Change Management
  • Employee Grievance Management
  • Communication & Feedback

Ensuring Compliance & Quality control

  • Background Screening
  • E-Reference Checking
  • Best-in-Class Applicant Tracking
  • Training and Reporting
  • Compliance Management



Our highly experienced team with vast technological expertise is fully equipped to deliver perfect solutions for all your requirements.


Our dedicated and professionally skilled team works relentlessly to ensure error-free and timely delivery of solutions to our clients.


With the best talent on-board and following best practices, we are fully committed to provide technically superior and the most efficient solutions to our clients.


We keep our engagement clear and transparent; our teams work hand-in-hand with clients ensuring exceptional servicing & long-term relationship.


With the Client-First approach; all our efforts are aimed towards creating winning solutions for our clients, even if that calls for going the extra mile.


For us Client satisfaction is supreme; we take full ownership and responsibility to offer you more value for your money and keep you ahead of your competition.

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